Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Kindness of Friends .....

My lack of posting was not only a result of having nothing much to write about in the depths of winter, but my computer was slowly.....sinking....into.....the.....sunset.  It was given to me by a friend, and I was very grateful for it!  But, over the last weeks and months, it was giving up the ghost.  I have become pretty good at using the computer tools to find errors and clear them, but there was no stopping this creeping demise.  I couldn't get to my Yahoo e-mail or Groups.  Then I couldn't sign in to my blog to read or post - I could only read the ones showing on the main page- and I have lots of others. A new security system at work blocked me from most everything I could still reach at home. Recently I found myself sighing and saying "Oh Lord, please help me to get a new computer..."

This week I had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in ages, and in making those plans to get together, she said they were looking for a new home for their old computer, and would I be interested in it?   It's not new, but a significant upgrade from the one I had.  I have fired it up today and I'm learning my way around.  Hopefully, I will be able to post pictures from home soon! Hallelujah!  Thank you, Anne!

Besides the computer, another friend  - who turned me on to auctions -  has given me some transferware (which you know I love) and a couple of pieces of old silverplate flatware I had admired, for helping her with some computer stuff.  Photos coming soon!

Friends have shared their bounty with me over time (my original computer monitor was given to me) but recently the blessings have been so sweet.  I appreciate them all.  Thank you Lord, for the kindness of friends.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poor Truffle ....

He has an eye infection.   I hoped it was a scratch or other irritation like a piece of hay chaff caught, but after a couple of days of trying to doctor him myself, it wasn't any worse, but it wasn't any better, either, so we went off to the Vet last night.   He says it is pasteurella.   Given all the things it could have been, some involving surgery, that doesn't seem so bad.   The Vet checked him all over for abscesses, blocked tear ducts, runny nose, everything, but the goopy red eye seems to be the only thing he has.   We went home with an oral antibiotic ( does one "pill' a rabbit, exactly?) and another antibiotic ointment to put in his eye.   They were all very impressed at the office, having never seen a French Angora (except the Vet) at how beautiful they are.  Truffle accepted the gushing with modesty.

Truffle wasn't up to having a new picture taken for this post, but otherwise has been a trouper.  He has been very good for me, and so good at the Vet's while we mess about with his eye.  He seems to know I'm helping him, and acts relieved when I soak the stuff off his eye and flush it with sterile saline.   One good thing about working in a hospital is they drill hygiene into you.  I'm practically washing my hands off  before and after I touch Truffle, and I'm keeping an eye on the other animals.  I think I read somewhere cats can get this too?

Another thing I have been appreciating, especially with this unusually tough winter we've been having, is how glad I am that all my animals are inside the house!  It's not only a relief for me not to have to 'suit up' to go out in the cold and ice, but I can monitor them better and no frozen water or dropping pans!    This urban farming thing has a few advantages!