Saturday, September 19, 2009

First blog

Well, I've done it. Joined all those others who "journal" publicly - who throw their thoughts out there for all to see. I remember when blogs first began, I couldn't see the point, and spoke pointedly about the ego of those who think others would care that much about what they think. Now, I'm hooked.

I have a number of interests, and as I discovered blogs - and the many people that follow them - who share those interests, I felt connected, informed, inspired......and finally had to jump in myself.

Unfortunately, I am techno-challenged, and my blog will be one of those boring text-only ones until I can learn how to take and post photos. I don't even know if my computer is capable of that, much less the user.

I recently saw the movie "Julie and Julia" and feel like "Julie" as she posted her first blog. Sending these words out into the web-sphere and wondering if anyone out there is interested in reading them is a little intimidating.

I may write about food, handspinning and other fiber arts, my pets, the farm and livestock I would love to have, even my religious beliefs at times, which some may consider esoteric. But this is who I am.

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