Saturday, November 14, 2009

Emergency Preparedness

I am definitely someone who believes in being prepared - as much as I am able - for emergencies. It started many years ago when I went through a blizzard. No power, no heat (gas furnace, but electric blower) no water (ditto - water well, but no way to pump it), no way to get back into town. BUT, there was some camping equipment - and that made all the difference.

Since then I have lived in places where the active and possible weather emergencies ranged from hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, ice storms, drought and even earthquake. Besides weather emergencies, there are always other possibiliites, such as economic crunches. During an extended period of unemployment a few years ago, my full pantry allowed me peace of mind when money was too tight to go to the grocery.

It's just prudent to be prepared.

I'm not one of those 'a cave, a year's worth of freeze dried food, and a shotgun' types, but having said that, I do store and use freeze dried food, and find it very convenient. Being single, milk from the store usually goes bad before I finish it. A #10 can of freeze-dried milk can be made in small quantities, and lasts me a long time - at much less cost than store-bought. A handful of freeze dried broccoli and/or mushrooms can go into the couscous to boost flavor and nutrition.

(still no icon to add photos, but I'm going to try a link) My favorite place to buy freeze dried food is here:
Preparedness Pantry Blog

I store all kinds of food, have a well-stocked first aid kit, all the usual. I would be interested to know if any readers have similar interests, and what they do?


  1. Yes, I have stocked up. I have 1-2 months of food in a kitchen closet. My goal is to get to 6 months, probably when I finish renovating the upstairs and have closet space available up there.

    My garage and no basement aren't suitable for storage and I don't want to get a freezer as some folks do, because I try to keep energy use to a minimum.

    As a single person, for milk, I store tiny cans of evaporated milk. It is not cost effective for normal use, but it is fine dumped in a can of Campbell's tomato soup or similar. The strong flavor of the tomatoes covers the not quite regular milk taste.

    I also have non-food stuff like bathroom supplies and OTC and regular medicine and first aid stuff stocked up in the bathroom closet.

    When I had a pet, I stocked up his food and medicine also.

  2. I'll add, I have water stored, flashlights, candles and matches, batteries, etc.

  3. Hello, Deb's blog! We got back at 12:30 this morning, so checking email briefly and out to do chores before picking up the dogs at my friends and soon after to the last day of fall-term homeschooling co-op. (pant, pant) Will email back soon.

    And yes, living in the country with occasional power outages requires that we are prepared, too....

  4. Oh, and I keep a blanket in the car, at least during the winter, in case I get stuck somewhere in the snow. I should probably have more stuff in the car.