Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holly and Ivy's New Look

I have had folks ask me to post 'before and after' photos when I clip one of my Angoras.  Many visitors to KSFF commented about how 'huge' the bunnies were, and I assured them they would look much smaller after their coat was taken off.   So here goes:

Here is Holly before

And after. 

The transformation wasn't as dramatic as in the past, because Miss Holly has put on a little weight since her last clip!  (She's always been a good eater)  

Then I pulled Ivy out.  I determined that she is a 'plucker' instead of a 'clipper.'  She was trailing strings of wool behind her in the cage, so I was going to pluck her around the edges I knew were molting and ready to come off.  As I plucked,  a lot more than that seemed loose, so I was going all over her, and getting a lot of wool.  Then I saw a flash of pink, and turned her around and pushed her top wool back ..........   

There was a large patch of completely bare skin!  I mean bare-nekkid - not even peach fuzz!!  I was only taking off the wool that was already loose, so it wasn't like I was overdoing it.   I would have freaked out, except I remembered someone asking about something like this on one of the Angora Yahoo Groups I belong to.  They told him it was OK, that the wool would grow back in fine. 

At least I think that's what they told him ......

OK, maybe I am freaking out a little bit.  

Ivy seems happy, but I'm afraid to touch her now...  (what if it doesn't grow back and I have to knit her little angora coats?  If I take her out to play in the playpen, I'd have to put sunscreen on her!)



  1. When I first got started with Angoras I had English and one of my bucks was a plucker and would have spots of bare skin as well. His wool always came back in and was fine. So you should be able to take a deep breath of relief!

  2. It's painful isn't it-to have to take those beautiful coats off? I just clipped down 4 of them. My Vesper has a nekid butt too. LOL

  3. Holly looks downright relieved! Ivy looks a little embarrassed- I can hear her saying, "Gosh mom, did you HAVE to post that picture?" in her most melodramatic teenage angst.

    Thanks for sharing!