Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sometimes life gets in the way

I thought I would be posting some photos of cute rabbits, amazing chickens and homely dairy goats from the State Fair today, but Friday as I drove to work, my muffler made an awful noise.  It's original to the car (16 years) so it's not surprising that it would go sometime.  The State Fair was out, Midas Muffler was calling my name for Saturday.   I looked under the car when I stopped and I don't know what made it start making noises right now.  Clearly it's been shot for a long time.  It looked like it had exploded.

I went to the computer to look up the number for Midas.....only to find I could not get connected to the Internet! (the phone books they leave on my stoop go straight to the recycle bin)  After trying all the usual things, I called the cable company (number is on the bill) and they said they could work me in the same day.  I hoped I could do both - computer fix and muffler, but the cable guy didn't come until 7:00 last night.  I found my router on my computer has also given out.  Thank God that was all.  One new router later (I'm sure I will get a bill and a new monthly charge from the cable company for installing and using their router) I'm back in business.  I can't blame the cable guy for making me hang around here all day - he was from Florence, called to Lex along with cable workers from all over the state, especially to help with the massive load of installations for UK students this weekend!

It seems Midas requires appointments for that kind of service anyway (no more walk-in like the old days) so I will rumble to work tomorrow and set something up.

OK, enough grumbling about the rumbling in my muffler  -

This was a fun experiment, but one I won't repeat.  What looks like a plate full of somewhat disgusting raw meat, is actually ..... nearly a whole watermelon, dehydrated.

It tastes great, with an intense watermelon flavor, chewy and very sweet.  I did it just because the books say it can be done.  The reason I won't repeat it is it took over three days to dehydrate.   I will stick to more practical things. I'm loving my dehydrated leeks, for example.  Just throw a tablespoon or two into something with a lot of liquid -  even canned potato soup - and it really gives it a great flavor. 

The chicks at three weeks are continuing to grow and feather out, and are approaching the 'alien' stage, where they are awkward and ugly.  I still have no idea what I have, males or females, and no one is getting a name until that is figured out.     

They are still very hard to get a photo of, since Abigail hates the camera and sends out the alarm call every time she sees it.  Here they look like geese (or cockrels!?!?), with their necks stretched up. 

They like to stand, lay (and poop) in the food bowl, and at least one has discovered the roosting pole! 

Well, setbacks and unexpected expenses - whether we can afford them or not  - are all a part of life and (urban)  farming. but we just aim to ......

Until next time, from Wren Cottage.......

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