Saturday, March 10, 2012

Reverse Chicken Math

You know chicken math - you go looking for one of something and come home with five - sometimes not even what you were looking for?  Well....I went to a poultry swap in Paris KY this morning, and found a new home for my rooster!!!!   I didn't even get the cage onto the the ground before a man and a teen aged boy came over to ask about him.  While we were talking, two young girls came up.   I was explaining how I had raised Francis from an egg, how he had always been handled and never been aggressive, when the girls started saying "can we have him Papaw, pleeeeeease?"   I questioned them all carefully, made sure they have other chickens, were experienced chicken keepers, and what kind of home he would have.  In the end we  all got the deal we wanted - I was sad, but relieved, too. 

Goodbye, sweet prince! 

One of the ladies in CLUCK bought her bantam Cochins from a man who brings them to this swap, and I was hoping he would be there, but he wasn't, and no one else had Cochins.  There was nothing else there I wanted, or at another swap in Winchester I stopped at on the way home.   I actually came home empty-handed!!  With Francis gone, I now have room for at least one more girl, but I'll have to keep looking.  

From a sadder, quieter Wren Cottage .....

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