Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Updated Blog List

I don't know about you, but the best way I have found to discover new, interesting blogs is to cruise the blog lists of like-minded friends.

For ages my blog list seemed 'broken.'  I couldn't add any, the ones I had added after my initial list was made didn't show.......  For some reason, the little widget was working today, so I took the opportunity to add a few, hide a few more, and generally did a little house-cleaning.  (now if I would get off this computer and do some cleaning of my real house!!!!)

My blog-reading list is a lot longer than the ones that I show here.   Some don't post very often, or have political overtones - like food preservation sites that are a little too apocalypse-minded.   The ones I have chosen to show are a nice cross section of fiber, friends and food blogs I hope you find as interesting as I do.    


  1. Sometimes I do the same thing with my list. lol

  2. I agree. I find lots of neat blogs via friends blogs.