Monday, December 3, 2012

New baby

Sara has her new baby Maisie, but I've got a new 'baby' at my house too.  On Friday,  the Woodford County Humane Society posted this on Facebook:

Now, who could not fall in love with this!!!!  I tried to talk myself out of it - it's Christmas time, of course they are going to show the really appealing animals, I have plenty (some would say too many) of pets already, and on and on.  In the end I could not talk myself out of it, made the call and went over to meet her.  She is a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix. I have never liked Chihuahuas and although Jacks are cute - I tend to think of both breeds as 'crazy,' hyper, yappy and all things negative. She turned out to be the complete opposite. 

This girl was not the least interested in cats or other dogs, did not bark, and though she looks so sad in this photo (her "come and take me home" face) is very sweet, carries her ears perked up and is SUCH a love sponge.  So...........she is now mine.  They called her Prancer (the incoming animals were getting Christmasy names) and I thought I would keep it....but now it doesn't seem to fit her.    I've been trying on names with her and haven't found one that seems the right fit yet.   Poppy?   Sophie?  Trinket?   'Have any suggestions? 

She fit right in from the first minute.  She tells me when she needs to go out, and there was no question of her sleeping with me - she claimed her spot on the bed first thing.  When she gets cold, she dives under the covers.  On her first full day, she went with me to the open house/sale at Sweet Home Spun .  She travelled several hours in the car like a trouper and was the delight of the party.   

The cats are over their initial interest, and now share the couch/bed/chair with her wherever she is - not snuggling, but no problems. She and the buns are fine with each other, and she completely ignores the chickens. 

What a lovely Christmas present!! 


  1. Twinka? She sounds like a delightful new addition to your brood. She is very cute - I'm a big dog person, but I recognize that a big dog isn't always possible in a small space!!

    I look forward to hearing more about your escapades!

  2. How sweet. So glad you got her. She's a love. I like Trinket. It's unusual. Looking forward to more photos

  3. We had a dog growing up that looked just like her! Her name was Trinket too!!!! Awwwwwww. That would be perfect!!!! hehehehe

  4. Oh Deb, what a treasure! Sounds like she was prepared just for you and your circumstances. My suggestion is Jacqueline; dainty and refined like our former first lady, with a nod to her Jack Russell heritage. More pictures, please!