Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Bunnies Settle In

I realized looking at today's date, that I have not had 'the girls' for a month yet.  It seems a lot longer than that - in a good way.  Everyone is getting along fine, and their personalities are beginning to come out.   They love broccoli stems and hay (I give treats every 2 - 3 days) but don't care for carrots much.  One - I didn't figure out who - pushed her carrot out of the cage a few times, Until I realized she didn't want it.  

Here is a photo of Holly a few days after being sheared:

She seemed very happy to be rid of all that hair, even though I keep the house cool, and the room they are in is cooler still.  She eats and drinks very well - like a piglet.   They both have toys in their cages and if she hears me beginning to get up in the morning she will take her plastic baby keys and scrape them back forth (like a prisoner rattling the bars with a tin cup).  If I don't come and feed her right away, she THUMPS, to get my attention!

This is Ivy, with her half on - half off coat.  I sheared one and I am plucking one to see what the difference might be from a spinning perspective.
She is a little quieter, but is still the naughtier of the two.   I put resting boards in their cages (you can see it in the above photo)  - Holly uses hers to lay on, Ivy pees on hers.  Holly goes in pretty much one spot, making her a good candidate for litter training, but I think the litter box - even special ones for rabbits - take up too much room in the cage, so I probably will leave things as they are.  Ivy goes any and everywhere.

But, Ivy has a special friend.  My only boy kitty (yes, he's neutered), Ciaran, wuuuuuuvs his Ivy:
He grooms her face and ears every time I take her out to groom her, and she seems to love it.  He does the same with Holly, but not as much.

They both HATE being taken out and put in their cages.  Speaking softly, moving slowly,  petting and stroking first, if I make any movement like I am going to pick one of them up .......oh MY!  Growling, lunging, trying to BITE!    SUCH a FUSS!   Once I have them safely and firmly in my arms, it's like ....'oh, this isn't so bad. '  They love being out - and then hate going back in again! 

Any time I open their cage - even if they have been clammoring for food, they will run over to the door, crouch down and put their heads out and close their eyes, waiting for pets and ear rubs, which they would let me do forever, I think.   Sometimes I think about other rabbits - kept outside, no toys, no stimulation, and I'm glad I could give these guys a pet home.


  1. How neat that Ciaran loves the bunnies! So have you spun bunny fur yet?

  2. Deb,
    Please email me-I don't have your address. I want to invite you to my blog. That is adorbale with Cirian and Ivy. So cute.