Tuesday, December 1, 2009

new photos

My new header photo is from the day I spent at the KY Horse Park two weeks ago with Michelle and her family.  Aren't they a lovely family!?!   (Mr. Cool trying not to smile.....cracks me up) 

I told Michelle she needed to change the photo of herself on her blog, because she is MUCH prettier in person than her photo would lead you to believe!  

It was a great time and glorious weather to boot!   Michelle did such a good job telling of her time here in Central Kentucky, so I won't attempt to do that again except to say whenever you are ready to come back, we will 'make you very welcome!' 


  1. Aaah, you made me blush! I rushed to your blog thinking the new photos would be of BUNNIES, and there we are. LOVE the new header; so appropos! Now you need to visit NW Oregon so we can return the blessing and do our best to make YOU very welcome.

  2. Ah, but the bunnies ARE there, just scroll down. I now have photos, but can't download photos from my cameral to the home computer. At work I'm not supposed to use the computer for personal use except at lunch, so there just isn't much time.

    Yeah, in the bigger format, the Horse Park picture of the horses is better than I thought!