Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So THAT's what it is....

When I bought my townhouse, I wanted the popular English-style perennial garden, so I planted roses - lots of roses.  Some were grown on their own roots, but most were David Austin English roses.  Most are gone now.  Some died quickly, some lingered on several seasons before dying.  I thought it was just a 'brown thumb.'  Several of the plants had these weird 'growths' on them - a cane would take off and grow much faster than normal, but would break off at a slight touch.  If  it got to the bloom stage, the flowers would be deformed.  I searched the internet and my plant and rose books, but had no idea what it was.

I linked to a link from a blog (the way I have found some of my most interesting and favorite blogs) and found this:   There is no question this is the problem, but it was shocking to read it is so bad it is expected to wipe out the multiflora rose species!  Apparently the rose is to go the way of the Elm or the Chestnut. 

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