Saturday, April 3, 2010


The chard, 2 kinds of radishes, and onion sets for green onions have been planted.  The blueberry plant is potted up, and if the rain squall that came through this morning clears off, I will plant the small package of strawberry plants I bought. I know I have some lettuce seed around here somewhere, but I can't find the packet. I really wanted some sugar snap peas, but the man at the seed store said there was a crop failure and there is no seed to be had this year. That about does it for the early planting, although I could probably put broccolli out.   

Gardeners really are the most optimistic people.  Every Spring, seed is planted with the hope that the harvest will be beautiful, pest-free, and abundant.  Though that is not always the case, our memories are short, and we give it a go again the next Spring.

Someone else's misfortune became my gain this week.  My next door neighbor rented out his townhouse when he got married. I'll spare you the horror story of how badly the inside of the place was damaged (they were quiet though, and never bothered me) and in the end he had to have them evicted. They left all their stuff inside, despite his many attempts to accommodate them to come and get it.   He let me buy - for only a couple of dollars - 2 wrought-iron chairs for my deck.  That will give me a nice place to sit and enjoy all my greenery as it grows this summer!

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  1. Congrats on the chairs and all the early gardening work! You're WAY ahead of us! There was ice on the deck this morning...