Friday, June 11, 2010

Minor Setbacks

I went to the nearest feed store after work (a Tractor Supply in the next town over) to buy bunny food.  They only had 50 pound bags, and I found that their supplier (they only carry one brand) is 'no longer making 25 pound bags available to [them].'    Bummer.  With only five rabbits, the feed is likely to go stale before they finish it, even in a closed plastic tub.  The other negative - 50 pounds is heavy!  I don't know how my friends with farms do it - lugging feed bags and tossing bales of hay.  A nice man helped me put it in the car (advancing age has some advantages), but I still have to get it out of the car and into the house.  I've wrestled those big bags in before, but it's a job.

When I got home, I found we must have had quite a storm here earlier today - with hail!   Lightweight things were tumbled over and there were leaves broken off all over the place.  My squash plants were shredded, the leaf stems broken, and they and the eggplants had big torn holes in the leaves.  No permanent damage anywhere - everything will recover.   Up side....I won't have to water for a few days, and at the price of water now, that is a blessing!! 

I just 'had' to stop last night and pick up a few marigolds to add to the potted tomatoes.  I had saved some seed last year, but couldn't find it.  (note to self: get organized!!!)  Since everything was on sale, I also picked up a Heuchera (Coral Bells - Bressingham Hybrid) for a bare spot in the front flower bed, and a purple sage plant, for wherever I can find a place for it.

On another note, today is my sister's birthday.  In case she reads this, Happy Birthday, Sis!  


  1. Sorry to hear about the hail damage. I forget that people who don't have a well have to PAY for water! Is there any way to set up a rainwater collection barrel to save some free water for the plants? I love Heuchera . . . so do the deer.

    P.S. Do you have room in your freezer? You could store as much of the bunny food as you can fit there to keep it fresh. Another couple gallon ziplock bags would probably fit in your frig, too. You might be able to get 25 pounds in those two places while you feed up the first half of the bag stored at room temperature....

  2. Good idea! I only have the little freezer compartment on top of the fridge, but plastic bags in the fridge......i'll do it!

    Yes, I could probably get away with a rain barrel. It's on 'the list.'

  3. I like the new arrangement of the blog. Sorry about the plants. Know what you mean about the heavy bags.