Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No Photo Wednesday - food storage

No photos today, but plenty of things are growing at Wren Cottage.   I have blossoms on the peppers, snap peas, and potatoes.  The eggplant has 2 fruits that are about 4 inches long, several other 1 inchers, and more blooms.  The yellow pear salad tomato has clusters of little pear shaped fruit that are pretty, even when they are still green.

Everything was planted by June 1 and I tucked extras in wherever I could find some space.  The chard and mint are much happier since I moved them to a less-sunny place on the deck.  The beets aren't doing a thing.  They either hate the sun, the planter they are in, or the potting soil.  A few I put in dirt in the garden are doing much better, bt there is no room to move the rest.  The broccoli and brussels sprouts are growing very large leaves (albeit full of holes) but no signs of blossoms or fruit yet.  I pulled up most of the lettuce last week, since it had been so hot I figured it would bolt any time.  I left a few (butterhead) to see if they would develop heads (covered with hazy plastic milk jugs to break the intensity of the sun).  The turnips badly need to be thinned.

I found a new blog last week that I like, but isn't as extensive as I thought.     She blogs about emergency preparation, putting things by, and feeding your family a more nutritious diet.  There were a series of posts about the spiritual aspects of food storage, i.e. is it Biblical?  I can understand why she would feel compelled to blog about that, since so many people seem to think preparing for emergencies, hard times, etc. is extreme, and shows a 'lack of faith.'  It also occurred to me while reading her posts, how much we have changed in just a generation or two.   People used to fill pantries and larders simply to be prudent, or good stewards.  They didn't feel they had to justify their actions, or feel guilty that they might be 'hoarding.'   While I have not personally experienced negative comments from friends, I have read plenty of them on the internet.  I don't know that any of my friends make any serious preparations.  Do I feel concern for them?  Yes.  Do I feel compelled to 'strong-arm' them regarding my convictions? NO.  

Clearly I have neither the financial nor space resources to prepare for every situation or emergency, but I will continue to do what I can, in the spirit of Noah and Joseph, and trust the Lord for what I am lacking.  That's where the faith comes in.

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  1. I agree with your philosophy. The devil takes every good thing and tries tempt people to extremes on either side. Trust in the Lord, and remember the Biblical adage of "He who doesn't work shouldn't eat." Brian and I spent an hour weeding and planting just a few more starts in the garden; it feels good!