Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Someone at work told me about a few local auction houses that have regular 'sales.'  Even though I DO NOT need any more 'stuff' in my house, I went to one with her last week.  It was fun, and took me way back, to my pre-teen days, when my maternal Grandfather was living.  He moonlighted as an auctioneer.  Quite the renaissance man, he also was into stock car and go-cart racing. (can you say redneck, anyone?)  Sometimes my parents would drag me take me with them to auctions, where Grandpa was presiding.  I enjoy them much more now.  These are not Sothebys-style auctions - although they had some really nice things - but more the flea-market variety. 

I got all of these items (and one more, but I may give it as a gift, so I'm not showing it) for less than $20.   Cool, huh!  The 'depth of field' distorts things a little in this photo.  The platter is bigger than it looks here, the hobnail vase is smaller.   I think I'll be going back! 

The newest bunny did get a name. Since the silver one is 'Luna' for the moon, this new brown one will be 'Terra' for the earth.  Terra's body color has lightened a good bit since she came here. She was a lot darker, but she is still gorgeous.  Terra is a bit more reserved than Luna, who is just silly and goofy.   


The second picture is a little blurry (boy, is she fast!) but I wanted to show just how little the Mini Rex's are - only about 3 1/2 to 41/2 pounds.  My bright idea of housing them in the same cage was a total failure.  After letting them sniff each other for a couple of days with their cages side-by-side, I put them out together in 'neutral territory,' and it only took one sniff before Luna junped on Terra and beat her up.  Terra got her licks in though and I later found a big scratch on Luna's jaw. I tried it two or three times, but it was no good.   I really need to look into spaying some of these rabbits if I'm not going to breed them.    

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