Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bunnie Birthdays

The Angoras have been getting haircuts and pedicures this week, one each night.  Since mine are in the house (and yes, that is messier than I thought it would be) I haven't had to worry about them in this brutal heat.  Still, they are obviously more comfortable with their summer hairdos.  The girls especially seem to be bothered the longer their wool gets, especially around their head and face, and have really liked getting "belly and bib" trims in-between full-body shearing.  Tonight was Holly's turn, and as I was finishing her up, I remembered that (I think) today is hers and Ivy's birthday.  Truffle's is next week on the 16th.  The girls got extra hay tonight in celebration.  I'm not sure Holly needed it though. She has always been a good eater, and when I got all that wool off her, I found that she is....uh, how shall I say....chubby!   Happy bunnie birthday, Holly and Ivy!

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