Monday, August 23, 2010

Buy Local!!

For those readers who don't live in my area, we are blessed to have several farmer's markets in my town.  There is a big one downtown each Saturday morning that is very popular.  They have recently built a pavillion to cover the area, but tents spill out all over the site - the grounds of the old City Hall.  I think there may be some irony that the same site where the farmer's market is now, was once the slave market several generations ago.  Thank God He has brought something good to cover something awful.

There are a few other small markets with just a few tents on various days and places around town, and this one (shown above) on Southland Dr. on Sunday mornings that is growing and becoming more popular all the time.  (before you start thinking I'm a heathen going shopping instead of worshipping on Sunday morning, I left the church I was attending a while back, and I'm looking for a new church home) 

For those of us who have only a little room to garden, or experience crop failures, this is the next best thing.  I've bought some really nice produce at the markets his summer, and so much of it goes into the dehydrator, that I have to keep reminding myself to enjoy some of it fresh, too!!   Yesterday I got some huge peaches, some green beans and new potatoes, and Roma tomatoes. I'm happy to be able to support local growers, and I'm grateful for them - those who produce food for those who can't do for themselves.  I didn't see any egg sellers, but I wish someone would step up, especially with the new Salmonella recall. 

There are more than fruits and vegetables at the markets.  It seems to be a tradition that everyone bring their dog.   Big and small, cute and some barely under control, there are all kinds at the market.  Yesterday I saw this bruiser......

Remember....if you don't or can't grow your own....BUY LOCAL!!  


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  2. You might not see egg sellers because in some states you have to have a license to sell eggs to the public.

  3. Thanks for your support! I sell lamb and rabbit meat at a farmers market in Marietta Ohio. Plus my yarns and other fibery things. :^)
    I have to be careful, or I end up buying more produce than I sell! This weekend, I got Austrian fingerling potatoes (YUM - so creamy), 4 kinds of tomatoes, some purple beans, red onions, tiny orange tomatoes, fresh dill, bi-colored corn, and my flower lady neighbor sent me home with 2 bouquets of flowers that were left over.

  4. Love to go to the farmers market. Ours in town is tiny though. Last summer I went to an awesome one in Denver.