Monday, September 6, 2010

End of Summer Wrap-up

With Labor Day weekend being the unofficial end of summer, it seems a good time to review my gardening efforts, a mixed bag, at best:

Tomatoes - the only thing that did well was the yellow pear salad tomato. I won't repeat the varieties I used this year. The heirloom paste tomato I used is the size of a cherry tomato, only oval.  The 2 plants bore fairly well, but since they are so small, not enough to do anything with.  I will go to tried-and-true Romas, and the German Pink I saved the seed for.

Potatoes - a complete failure and mystery. They grew like crazy, bloomed, died down, I waited 3 weeks, and then......not one potato.   I dumped the container out into the wheelbarrow and sifted through - nothing.  My only guess is the die-down was a blight, not the normal harvest signal.

Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts.  Broccoli did OK, but takes up so much room for one head each and some follow-up shoots, I don't know if it's worth repeating.  Brussells Sprouts are doing very well - it's a good thing I like them!  They say a light frost makes them sweeter, so I will be looking forward to these for a while yet.  Maybe only 2 plants instead of 4 next year.

Chard - great in a new location.  Doesn't grow as big in a pot as in the ground, but that's OK.

Eggplant - I found out if I prune the plants back by about 1/3 when growth stops, it will restart growth and give another flush of flowers and fruit.  I can't decide if I like the long, thin Japanese style or the more traditional bigger, rounder fruits.   Not bothered by bugs - a real plus!!
Green beans - I got enough of the 'Greasy Grit' beans for a couple of servings and I still have pods forming to save some seed, but I miss the sweet and tender bush beans too.  I may grow both next year.

Lima beans - forget it.

Onions - I had quite a lot, but none got larger than small-to-medium.  Some came out of the ground after a whole summer of growing, looking nearly the same as the set that went in.  I wasn't the only one, and read on a blog of someone else having the same problem.

Garlic - did great.  Plant LOTS MORE! 

Peppers - I got lots of jalapenos off one plant . Only had to buy a few more to have enough to can and dry. Maybe 2 plants next year?    Bell peppers - don't bother, or try in the ground.  Got a few smallish misshapen peppers off 2 plants.

Turnips and beets - didn't get big enough to harvest as babies before hot weather hit and ruined them.  I have re-planted some turnips for fall to see if they do any better.

Herbs - all did great, but who can't grow herbs?  I have enough dried to give some away as little gifts.  The basil LOVED the hot summer, and I got enough for 4 little zip-bags of pesto and 2 ice cube trays full of just chopped basil and olive oil - for throwing into soups, couscous, etc. It's still going, so  I'll let some of the rest go to seed for saving.  

Patty Pan sqash - the bugs got it, but try again next year

I had LOTS of bugs - my brassicas and beans were nearly more holes than plants, and I lost count of how many tomato hornworms I picked off the tomatoes (ick). Next year get more serious about companion planting and organic sprays (using things like oil, soap & baking soda) to try to control them early.

That my did YOUR garden grow?

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