Monday, September 27, 2010

at the Auction this week

I didn't intend to go at all. (but of course I did)  Then I wasn't going to bid on anything (but of course I did)
I got a couple more Ball jars with zinc lids.  Pints this time, for storing dried herbs from the garden.  I also got a kerosene lamp converted to an electric that is cute and just needs a shade.  My real find was this though,

It's a pewter chamberstick, a Colonial Williamsburg reproduction made by Steiff.  No one else was interested because it appeared to have been dropped, and had a little dent in the candle cup.  I don't care about that, and thought I got a real bargain. 

In the 'ones that got away'  catagory, I went to a different auction a couple of weeks ago, specifically to bid on an antique standing skein winder.  The arm assembly was a tad wobbly where it attached to the stand, but it was beautiful.  I was way out of my league there, though, and it sold for more than twice the amount I could pay.  As it happened, I ended up in the "pay" line (I did get one hand blown goblet for $5) next to the guy that bought it.  Of course he had no idea what it was - they had advertised it as a Flax Wheel.  He has his Aunt's spinning wheel, which just sits, for decoration.   The winder was going to do the same.  When I told him I would have used it, as a valuable piece of equipment, he just smiled.  Grrrrr....   What a waste. 

They had 4 spinning wheels there that day, 2 that had all their parts, and 2 that didn't.  One huge 'walking' wheel sold for less than $100, and you could have stepped right up to it and started spinning.

Can you tell there's not much 'urban farming' going on at Wren Cottage right now?   The Angora bunnie boys will be getting clipped soon, and I'll try to post some 'before' and 'after' pictures. 


  1. Wouldn't it be fun to have a big ol' house and fill it with beautiful antique fiber tools like that walking wheel? It would be perfect for the old Kansas family farmhouse I blogged about....

  2. Hi Deb - I just bought a bunch of old canning jars from a lady who saw my ad on Craigslist they belonged to her Mom, and there were about 47 of them, not all blue Ball, but some Atlas Strong Shoulder, and a couple 2 quart ones that have the wire bale. I'm also using them for dry food storage. There were mainly quart jars, a few pints, and a few 2 quart jars, and all with zinc lids just about, and she included some of the old glass lids that you have to use a rubber gasket with, so I'll have to go on eBay sometime and see if I can get some of those that will fit the jars. They're all regular jars, not wide mouth. Great find on the candle holder - it is beautiful, really! I think I got a pretty good deal on the jars since I paid $50, so a little over $1 for each. I've checked eBay, and they are pretty expensive over there. And I don't plan on using them in canning, I'm just afraid they might have weakened glass and break. What do you think? Glad you had fun at the auction. Take care, from another Fayette Countier.