Sunday, February 27, 2011

Maybe Phil was right

Since Phil saw his shadow on Groundhog day, we've had some cold days, but a definite change from the unrelenting winter we've had this year. 

One of the things I have learned about since moving to Kentucky are "Redbud Winter," and "Dogwood Winter."   That means even though we might have a February thaw, there will still be two more cold snaps, one at the time of the Redbud trees bloom, and another at the time of the Dogwood bloom.

This morning it even felt like Spring.  Taking a look around the garden, I found a few signs...

This is Artemesia "Silver Mound."  Artemesia (or Wormwood) is good for repelling lots of insects in the garden.  The dried fronds made into a sachet are said to repel moths!!   "Silver King" variety is best for that though.  The big drawback to Artemesia is it is toxic when ingested by people or animals, so if using it, be sure it isn't anywhere your livestock - or your pets or kids - will eat it,  Silver Mound stays put, but the other varieties are very invasive, so they need to be grown in an enclosed bed.

This is Feverfew, with some daffodils coming up in the background.  (the white patches are bunny wool)  Feverfew is used for migraines, among other things. 

I have always grown herbs.   They are so easy to grow, and their uses are very interesting, although some writers are, well......out there.  SUPER CAVEAT HERE  I would be very, very careful about taking any herbals until I had done my homework with a good herbal book - or 5 or 6 of them.   Before the days of modern medicine of course that's all there was, and gardens were developed for the growing of medicinal plants since the days of the monasteries and beyond.  The most famous still in existence today is probably Chelsea Physic Garden .  Not to be outdone, America has its own, Philadelphia Hospital Physic Garden .  

Back to my garden, with much smaller ambitions, when Spring is really and truly here, I'm ready!   

Until next time, from Wren Cottage ......

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  1. Love the lessons on medicinal herbs. I'm trying to get some started this year too.