Monday, February 14, 2011

Promised photos

WHOO-HOO!  I'm up and going again.  After my last post, I did something (?) to the computer that locked it up, and it has taken all this time - and the help of the IT guys at work - for me to get it straightened out.

The last time, I said I would post pictures of some of the gifts I've been given lately:

A lovely red transferware plate, and some silverplate flatware - 2 serving spoons, a regular tablespoon, and a fish knife I will use for butter or party spreads.  I think the flatware might be hotel 'silver.'  The serving spoons are engraved with the initial S.

Jan and Mary also gave me:

More transferware - this time a "breakfast" cup (larger than a coffee cup) with saucer, and a sterling teaspoon with hand-engraving on it to add to my collection. The bunny in the photo is Orion, to give perspective. 'Rion is a teensy guy. I thought I might show him, but I need to weigh him to see if he will make senior weight. The new doe is the same size he is at almost seven months, and she is only three months.

What!! New doe, you say! Yes, here she is, Redelman's R792.

'Just one more, a potential mate for 'Rion - IF anyone expresses interest.   I think she is going to be a big girl.  I hope she grows into those ears!   Even a Mini Rex novice like me can see that she has got some ears on her.  Right now they don't exceed the maximum.  I bought her with the thought of showing her, but we'll have to see if this is just an awkward stage, and if she will even out in time.  She is a sweetheart, and I think I'm going to call her Juliet.   Since I got her at Valentine's Day time, I wanted a romantic name, and Juliet fills the bill.

NONE of the other buns wanted their picture taken, but I got a few so-so ones.

This is Holly - clipped about 3 weeks ago.   She is snuggling with her 'blankie.'  A couple of weeks ago I put an old bath towel in each of the French Angora girl's cages.   Holly wuvs her blankie - to the point that if I so much as touch it, she growls, lunges and shows her teeth.  If I scold her,  she wimpers.  She just doesn't want me to take it away - even to wash it.


You can see me trying to hold Niko still - and his expression says 'you're no fun at all!"   I couldn't get a side shot.  He was exploring too fast!   I plan to clip him this week.  That will be all my "clip' buns done.  I think I'm discovering that Ivy is a 'plucker' - at least partially.  I've only clipped her once since I got her, but I've been able to pluck her some.  She was so determined not to have her photo taken, she backed into the darkest corner of her cage, and since she is in the 'bottom bunk,' it was too dark, and a yucky picture. 

Truffle looks miserable, but it has nothing to do with being clipped last week.  By the time they have been in full coat for a while, they all love getting that hot old coat off.  He just doesn't want me to reach in and take
him out of his cage.  His infected eye - the one looking dolefully at the camera - is all healed up now.

When they've just been clipped, they look like aliens - after seeing a giant puff-ball for a while, when clipped they suddenly have what looks like a tiny body, and an enormous head.  Truffle is smaller than my other Angoras, but here he is just backed up in a corner.

Well, all caught up now!  Until next time, from Wren Cottage......


  1. Oh, your new girl is so pretty! I've always loved the looks of the Mini-Rex. How is the hen doing? We've gotten two eggs so far from our new hens; both are Speckled Sussex eggs.

  2. Is it just me or do you seem to be amassing a collection of rabbits? LOL