Saturday, March 26, 2011

Are you feeling generous?

Aren't these babies adorable?   Well, they are destined for the meat market.  They were bred by my friend
Lisa  who breeds French and Satin Angora rabbits, and BFL Sheep.   She shows very successfully, but she also has a booth in a Farmer's Market in Marietta, OH where she sells lamb and rabbit meat. And that's where these guys are headed.

I don't need any more rabbits, but I'm thinking about "rescuing" one from the butcher.   The dam of these babies comes from parents that were each 1/2 French Angora, and 1/2 New Zealand.  The sire is a purebred, registered (Fawn) French Angora.  The babies are then 3/4 FA. For the un-initiated, they are Pearl in color - color on extremities with a creamy white body.   In spite of the New Zealand (fur) breed behind them, these guys have wool - which can be harvested for spinning!  There are 2 bucks and a doe.  Lisa will sell them for $25 each.   (If I do this, I've got  dibbs on the doe)    I would have to drive to Ohio for pick-up, so since I would be making the drive anyway, does anyone else want one? 


  1. Those bunnies are so cute & fluffy.

  2. Hi! I was looking for your email; but am posting here instead. I saw your recent comment at Homestead Revival (prep. Challenge #2) you posted this...

    I planted some more cool weather things in my garden, and bought a few dark glass jars for holding medicinal herbs/preparations.

    I was wondering if you had a post regarding medicinal herb prep? You said you bought glass jars. I have lots of the plastic ones from vitamins I've bought and used.
    Could these be used and what types of herbs do you save -dry- prep for to store up for your preparations?

    I'm new to this and am starting to learn a lot. But this is something, I honestly hadn't thought about.

    You may email me iampat83 AT yahoo dot com

    Thank you and I appreciate info you can pass along.

  3. Oh wow!
    Ok... I was on a mission before. But I just went a read your post about the bunnies!
    They are cute. But I was just thinking about the idea of having angora wool! Wouldn't that be lovely?
    So when you say harvested for spinning....? you mean, you comb the bunny and gather the wool, kind of like a sheep shearer? and then spin it right?
    Duh,...that never ever occured to me! I don't know a thing about spinning. Or what to do with it the strand once your done. I don't knit, but crochet-- could this wool be used such a task as crocheting?

    I literally have been living in the dark! I'm learning so much in just the past few weeks.

    I hope we can chat more. Your blog is informative.
    I'd take one of these bunnies in a minute-- but I live in Texas-- far from you.
    I'd love to learn all these aspects-- gather and spinning wool and DOING SOMETHING WITH IT!
    Sorry I hi-jacked the comments here...
    I'm gonna follow you... Pat

  4. I'm going to have to pretend I didn't see this. My husband would flip his lid.