Saturday, June 11, 2011

Don't Hate Me Because .......

I've gone "commercial."  I've added a widget on the bottom of the right column, linking to Amazon, recommending books having to do with urban farming / sustainable living, etc. I am a reader.  I love information, and 'read up' on things (usually) before I begin a new venture. I own and have read each one of the books shown on the list. (Amazon does not have free rein to show anything they want)  I have liked some more than others, but like all of them well enough to recommend them.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  If someone links to a book through my blog, then buys it, I get a small 'finder's fee' from Amazon.  I use Amazon, have recommended Amazon here on this blog, and we have a large distribution center here, so for me, it is form of 'buying local' and keeping local people employed.

There.  Done.  Unless I add something new and especially want to recommend it, I hope that is the last you hear from me about it.

If my 'hit' counter is to be believed, a LOT of people read this blog - or have at least taken a look at it once. (But don't leave comments?  Go figure)  That tells me a lot of folks are interested in some of the same things I am.  Yesterday, Mike at Backyard Farming displayed this graphic:

I don't think it will enlarge by clicking (I don't know how to do that) but if you click on the link, it should  take you there. It is interesting in many ways - the most grown foods, the financial return, a 7 million person increase in gardening in one year, but most of all that its women over 45 leading the way for home gardening!  Woo-hoo!  

Next time from Wren Cottage - water conservation.

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