Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today I harvested an armload of oregano (my 2nd harvest of that) and of basil (1st harvest of that).

oregano (this is a pretty big basket)

basil before......

.....and after.  
Still plenty to eat fresh, and  what I cut today will be dried.   I prefer to dry my herbs naturally, but ended up today having more green stuff than places to hang or lay it out to dry.   So, out came the dehydrator for a wash, then I fired it up for the first time this season and have the oregano drying in there now. 

OOPS!   That ruffled green 'spaceship' tells me that I got my seedlings mixed up.  I have 2 Patty Pan squash (aka scalloped squash - is there a difference?)  and 0 zucchini.  Oh well, as prolific as that is, I'm sure someone will have some they want to give away.  If not.....Farmer's Market! 

I have green tomatoes on the Roma plants, but the German Pink got a later start, and as I remember last year, they were late-season producers. 

All the Angora bunnies have had their Spring/Summer haircuts and mani/pedis now. 

Niko enjoying his new 'do,' while playing with Mom in her bedroom.  He can hold his ears up if he wants to, but one is lazy. I think it's adorable.
He's much lighter than he appears in this photo.  His body wool is very white with taupe points. 

And Abigail is laying like clockwork again.  Nothing from Dolley yet, but I'm thinking it could be soon.  I'm not sure how old she was when I got her, but I think it was 10-12 weeks, and that was three months ago.    

Breakfast last week.  As soon as this photo was taken, I broke those yolks and thoroughly cooked them.  I don't like runny yolks.  They're raw!  Ick.  

It's great getting food, seasonings/medicine and fiber that can be made into garments from your own home! 

Until next time, from Wren Cottage...    


  1. Wow- you have a great green thumb! Congrats on the bounty! The bunnies look cute, too!

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  3. You can't edit these things, and I found a typo. Anyway, I credit most of the success to rabbit poo - that and a wet Spring. My pots and garden drain well, but the rain kept everything evenly moist during that critical germination and early growth period. I have my share of gardening failures too - like my eggplant this year. :(