Saturday, February 20, 2010


I'm not one of those streamlined, no-clutter people.  I have to have things around me that I consider beautiful and love to look at.  I have some things I collect on purpose, and some things I backed into - until I realized I had enough of them I should admit they were a collection.

Years ago, I started collecting sterling teaspoons in flea markets.  Just one of a kind, never with the intention of accumulating a set.  In fact, I think their beauty is diminished when duplicated so many times on a table.    
I looked for ones that were old ( a few of mine are over 100 years old)  more elaborate patterns, and especially ones with hand-engraving.  Even if it's not my name or inital, hand-engraving is so beautiful, and rare now.  I never spent much - I don't think ever more than $12.  I gave a few away as gifts when they had the name or initial of the person on it. One person loves hers and talks about it to this day - the other looked at me like I was nuts. (shrugs)  When I had enough to fill one of those spoon racks you hang on the wall, I quit.  They are harder to find now, and with the price of silver now, no longer inexpensive. 

I also collect pretty china plates. Again, only one of each (although I have a few "Blue Willow).  I hang them on the wall as art, and in plate stands to put a dash of color or pattern in a room.

I have a couple of antiques, but mostly they are found at places like Home Goods (one of my favorite stores)  There is no theme of pattern or color - just what I think is pretty, or would make a nice seasonal decoration. 

I recently found this blog,  Little Red House.   I love her photographs, and she collects many of the things I love too.  Her style is waaay more formal than mine, but I'm loving reading her blog.

I was given a couple of creamers that had belonged to a great-great Aunt.  The cat knocked the sugar bowl off the shelf, leaving the creamer....I bought a few more over time, some porcelain and flowery, some pottery - hand-thrown or yellow ware....yeah, it's a collection.  

I have stacks of cotton tea towels.....a few 'sheepy' items..... now that the rabbits have come, I had to get some bunnie-themed stuff.....  More books than will fit on my two tall bookcases.....We won't even talk about my spindles, niddy-noddies, and other spinning paraphernalia....but those are working tools right? 

Oh $^@%!!!!     It's no wonder my house is such a mess.  There may be a 'hoarders' intervention any minute!!!     But, somehow I suspect I'm not alone.  What do you collect?     


  1. I collect so much stuff I couldn't begin to list it all. We actually went to the monthly antique show today. I got a couple vintage easter post cards for my easter collection/display. I like your teaspoon. I rotate my collections to limit the clutter and need for dusting.

  2. I don't collect anything intentionally, but if I look around trying to use someone else's perspective, it is obvious we collect books, and animals, and fiber in various states, and bulldog nicknacks (thanks to friends)....