Friday, February 26, 2010

seed time

The seed catalogs have been out for a while.  I only get one or two, but when I saw the price of seeds had gone up 100% or more this year, I pushed them aside.   Since then, I've decided I should look for non-hybrid varieties that I can save seed from year-to-year.   I found this place  and really liked it.  Completely organic, mostly non-hybrid, and some heritage varieties.  They don't have a huge selection, but I have a postage-stamp sized garden.  I ordered 5 or 6 packs and got good, very quick service at a good price.

When I first moved into my townhouse, I planted a big English-style flower garden.  I reduced the size of the plot a few years ago, and over the years droughts, hard winters and short-lived perennials left holes.  That's where I plant, mixing flowers, veggies, and lots of herbs.  Herbs can be tucked in almost anywhere and are so easy to grow - not to mention the difference it makes in cooking.  Fresh, or (in the winter) home-dried herbs have SO much more flavor that the grocery store varieties.  For those, I buy local, already started plants in pots. 

This year I want to try growing potatoes in a tub, and utilizing my deck stairs for more pots.  For varieties that need to be staked - the railing makes an automatic stake to tie to.   I bought a drying variety of paste tomato and want to try sun-drying some.  My deck gets incredibly hot in the afternoon, so it seems like a possibility.     

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