Thursday, February 4, 2010

Introducing the family

I've barely mentioned my 'family' of four cats.  All are rescues - one out of a parking lot where she was dumped as a baby, and the other three from shelters. 

I should start with the one who has been here the longest, but she has been camera-shy.  Instead, the photo is of Yoshi, the youngest.  I had two cats and my Sheltie, Smudge, until a year ago when Smudge died of Lymphoma.  The house seemed empty without him.  I did some serious examination of my age, activity level, living circumstances, and decided cats were a more reasonable pet for me than another dog.  So, I went to a no-kill animal shelter in Woodford County, and among the many, many cats they had were 5 or 6 half-grown kittens in a cage that looked like it was meant for a Parrot.    The littlest one, a male named Ricky, came home with me and was re-named Yoshi.  After looking at 'him' for a while, I got a little suspicious, and when we went to the vet for 'his' first visit, found that 'he' was a 'she!!!!"   Yoshi was not very socialized, and took a while to warm up to me.  She is still a little skittish at times, and loves to rough-house with my only male kitty.  She is the first to jump in the bed with me at night to snuggle, though!  


  1. She's beautiful! Cats are masters (or mistresses) at looking regal and serene....