Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another one of the kitties....

This is Ciaran (KEER-an), Celtic for 'little dark one.'  He has been here the second-longest of my cats.  Two years ago this month, I suddenly got the urge to get a (then) second kitty.  I went to the Lexington Humane Society, and although my heart went out to all the cats, just didn't see one that spoke to me.  I was just about to leave empty-handed when I heard a cat meowing loudly.  I looked up at the upper row of cages, and there was a black cat 'hollering' at me, with his arm up to the shoulder out the bars, waving and trying to get my attention.  I didn't really want another black cat or a male.  My 'Max,' a black male, had died about 2 years before that, at age 17.   But this one was persistent, and though I didn't sense a bond, I found myself taking him home with me......and I have never regretted it.  SUCH a LOVER!!! 

It was St. Patrick's day week, so he ended up with a Celtic name, to go along with the girl kitty I already had, Fiona.   Ciaran was the only "male" (neutered, of course) in the house until last weekend, but is the 'nanny' of the bunch.  He takes care of everyone's appearance and grooms faces if they will let him, and loves to cuddle with the littlest one, Yoshi. He was the first one to check out the bunnies, including the new one - although Niko doesn't quite know what to make of him.    


He is a real sweetheart.  He is the only climber, but doesn't do that too often. I think he has Burmese or Siamese behind him, because he is VERY talkative, and is very sleek and slim (not skinny) even though he feels heavy, and his coat feels like silk ('a brick wrapped in silk' - the way they describe Burmese).  He looks black at first glance, but as you can see in the top picture, is really dark seal brown.  In strong light, you can see tabby stripes too.  

I took some pictures more of the new bunny, Niko. I think these might still be darker than he is, but the photo distorts if I try to change it too much.  His 'points' are really pale.  He is learning to like to have his head and ears stroked as much as 'the girls.'

The one above looks pretty accurate.  Isn't he cute!?!  

Holly and Ivy wanted new pictures taken too!

Holly - clipped about a month or 6 weeks ago, with her coat growing in. 

Ivy (also growing in new coat) nibbling on her piece of cardboard. They both LOVED their cardboard, but Holly was so enthusiastic about digging and chewing hers apart and eating it, that I was afraid it would effect her digestion, and took what was left away from her after a few days.  

OK, now that I have played 'proud parent,' and forced you to look at baby pictures, I'll stop.....until next time. 


  1. Niko is beautiful! And I'm partial to those silk covered bricks too. We had one when I was a little kid and guess what his name was. Niko - not sure if the spelling was the same, but still :-).

  2. I LOVE looking at baby pictures, and Ciaran's story is very special. Thanks for sharing.

  3. And here I thought the name Niko was so original! ha-ha