Sunday, November 28, 2010

Not what I had planned

Thanksgiving was fine this year, just not what I had planned.  I am on Day 9 of a bad cold, involving head, chest, and everything in between. The cough is the worst - so much for the Pertussis vaccination I had earlier this year.  I had to decline the invitations I received to go for Thanksgiving dinner, for fear of passing along this bug.  I cooked for myself, so I had the turkey, broccolli casserole and potatoes - Macy's parade on TV, "Miracle on 34th St" on DVD - it was fine.  I always buy and cook a small amount for myself - invitations out or not - because you never know if you will get sent home with leftovers, and that's the best part!

I had Thursday and Friday scheduled off for a long weekend, but after coming in on Monday with the cold, by Tuesday I completely lost my voice; and my boss made me go home.  When you work in a hospital, you have to think about possible transmission to the patients.  Wednesday was the only day I felt bad, so I called in.  I don't think I've had this much time off at a stretch since I started this job nearly 7 years ago.  (???)   The one thing I'm loving,  in spite of the cold symptoms, is being able to spend so much time with my animals.

Abigail has gone broody - about the same time I got the cold.  I was concerned I had made her sick, or maybe she had made me sick (?) but no, she is in full broody mode now.  She has stopped laying, her comb and wattles are pink, not red, she pecks, fluffs out her neck feathers and raises a fuss if I try to get her out of the nest box, and she is producing big broody poops. If it were spring, I might have bought a couple of hatching eggs to put under her,.  It's a good thing I haven't though, because - being a young bird, probably broody for the first time, she isn't entirely dedicated to it.  Today, as a sunbeam came in and fell across her 'coop,' she started digging in the shavings with her head, then rolling over .... I realized she was taking the equivalent of a 'dust' bath in her nest box!  Any eggs would have been scrambled!   The "Backyard Chickens" website and Forum have been very helpful for this first-time chicken owner!
The kitties have been very lovey since the weather got cold - taking advantage of any temp spikes on my part to snuggle in and warm themselves up.  No one ever said cats were not mercenaries!

I went out Friday night to the auction and bought an old (30's or 40's?) Singer sewing machine in a flip-top table - $30.  I already have a portable sewing machine that I use only for mending because I don't really enjoy sewing and don't make clothes.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but it was really cool, and it could be an end table in the meantime.    I also bought an upholstered chair ($5)- the kind you've probably seen in your grandmother's house.  It is scaled well for my place, comfortable to sit in, and the more upright, less slouchy style will be better for sitting in to knit.  The upholstery is in good shape except for a quarter- sized place on the seat.  I'ts just brown, and very ugly.   Reupholstering or a fitted slip cover will make it right.  Now I just need to figure out how to get them home, since neither will fit in my car.

So, it wasn't what I planned, but it was a good holiday overall. .


  1. Oh, I hope you start getting better soon! Eat plenty of chicken soup. Sometimes the best holidays are the ones that are not so complicated. I really hope you enjoyed yours.(other than being sick.)

  2. Hope you feel better. It sucks being sick on the holidays.Interesting-I got the pertussis vaccine too the last day of Sept. I had pertussis 5 years ago. I too got sick with something and lost my voice for three days. I'm on the last 2 pills of round two of antibiotics and am just now getting to feel better. I was having migraines and my chest felt like it was on fire.