Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What's New at Wren Cottage

I have been SO busy in the last week, it may take more than one post to get it all in.  My little hen has gotten a name.  She will be Abigail, or Abby, after Abigail Adams.  (although I can't imagine anyone calling Mrs. Adams, Abby).  IF I get any more chickens - and that may have to wait until / unless I truly find myself in the country - I will use a First Lady theme to name them.  Only the earlier ones though, no Michelles, Hillarys, or Nancys.


Not to worry, this is just a travel cage.  Abigail's repurposed rabbit cage is several times larger.  In the Spring, she will get outside time in a covered pen, so she can scratch the dirt and eat bugs and worms like other chickens.     

Saturday morning, I got up long before dawn to head to Shepherdsville for a rabbit show.  There I met up with Jessica Redelman of Redelman's Rabbitry, to pick up a blue Mini Rex buck from her.  She was terrific, and very patient with my questions.  She had lots of rabbits there to show, but took time out to set up my new bun, give me a quick lesson in how to assess Mini Rex conformation, and honestly describe his stronger and weaker points. She is a Nationals winner, and is far, far ahead of everyone else in youth sweepstakes points this year, so I think she knows what she's talking about.   Lovely girl, and studying to be a Vet. 

Jessica watching Judge Wade Burkhalter judging one of her rabbits.  She won just about everything, with her "leftovers" as she called them,  (her Nationals Team stayed home) even with LOTS of other Mini Rex there. 

Rabbit shows are organized chaos, with many different tables judging different breeds, all at the same time.  

My new bunny, Redelman's R581.  He has to keep that as his 'official' name if he's shown, but as usual, I haven't come up with a name yet to call him at home. He's a good bit darker than this, and really does have a blue cast to his coat.  He's very well socialized, lets me pick him up and cuddle him, and is as inquisitive as any little boy.   I really like this guy!  

Isn't he cute?   He's just over 3 months old, and about half the size of my does.  

Ciaran says "hey, buddy!  What do you think you're doing on MY cat tower?" 

I've tried to get new photos of my Angoras, to show those who have asked what they look like with their wool cut off, but they aren't good about staying put.  That and the delay on my camera shutter got me photos of only heads turned away and rear ends.  I'll keep trying.  

The cats couldn't be less concerned about all this 'livestock.'  The only thing that seems to bother them is another cat coming into the house, but that's not going to happen .........I promise! 

Next time, "Hug a Sheep Day" at Equinox Farm.