Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weekend Fun and a Surprise!

When I got home last night, I found that Abigail had laid an egg!  She wasn't sitting on it, and didn't object to me taking it from her.  I told her what a wonderful chicken she is.
It's bigger than I thought it would be - certainly bigger than the ones I saw at the poultry show in coops and the eggs they were judging.  It looks small-to-medium to me.  Here it is next to a store bought large egg:

Last weekend, after leaving the rabbit show, I went to Equinox Farm for the first annual "Hug a Sheep Day."  The Shepherdess at the farm had an open house at this time last year, but the sheep, for the most part, were too scared of us to play.  This year we discovered the secret...........bribes.   She had some of the friendliest sheep penned next to the barn, and when the others saw they were getting something from the strangers, and liking it, their curiosity overcame their caution.  

This is Graham Lamb.  He seems to have an identity crisis.  Not only does he think he's a pumpkin, but when he speaks, out comes something that is far more "mooooo" than "baaaaa." ain't easy being "The Great Pumpkin......"

oooh look, some nice hay.........wait!  Do I smell...........cookies?!?

Yeah!  Over there!   Get her, guys! 

I think Sara knows that we participants from town enjoy coming to her farm as much to satisfy our unrequited "farmer genes" as for the knitting, spinning, food and schmoozing - although we had a lot of fun doing those things too!

Pastorale - can't you just hear the music?

Hank - ever vigilant guard dog - and Miss Ewenice 

Nilla wafers, aka "sheep cookies"

Learning from the master - Mary Hal

 Sorry babies.  Mommy said no more cookies, they will upset your tummy.

Hey Lady!  I know you've got cookies on you!  Hand 'em over! 

Miss Ewenice - aaaah, it's been a great day....


  1. I'm so excited for your first egg AND your chance to Hug A Sheep!

  2. Graham appears to be at least part BFL. That would explain the funny baa. And why he is so friendly....

  3. Congratulations on your first egg! I'm sorry I didn't get to celebrate on Saturday, but am planning on observing Hug a Sheep day next year. And...yes, Graham is 3/4 BFL (and proud of it!).

  4. You did a better HAS post than I did. Really nice! Great picture of the great pumpkin :-).