Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dogwood Winter

Is what we're having here today.  The dogwoods began blooming this week, so on schedule, another cold front moved in.  We had 'Redbud Winter' a couple of weeks ago when those bloomed, and got some snow. Today is cold, windy, and supposed to be very rainy, but I've only seen one shower so far.  Actually, I don't mind this weather that much.  I've never been able to take the heat, and now that I've reached a 'certain age,' hot, sunny days do me in.   I have to garden in the morning or evening.   Anyway, I've read about other 'winters,' like Blackberry and 'Locust,' but those aren't talked about here much.

I've got some green at Wren Cottage Urban Farm:

On the left are several Sunflower seedlings.  At the top is my blueberry plant.  It has blooms!!  The variety is supposed to be self-fertile, so we'll see if I get blueberries this year.  On the right is the tub of red potatoes.   As the shoots grow, I will add soil or chopped straw (?) so I can pick potatoes instead of dig them. The white potatoes are up too, but not as much.  That tub is at the bottom of the deck stairs. 

The planter on the left shows the Borage plants well up.  The strawberries....not so much.  You can't tell here, but there are 5 plants with green leaves on them.   The smaller planter has 2 varieties of radish, and are loving this cool weather.   

This 'arial' view of the garden plot - taken from the deck, shows lots of green, but much of that will go after it blooms :(    I haven't done much there yet.  Planted some kale in the lower right, but haven't even gotten the onion sets in yet! 

I may have found a home for little whats-his-name.  Well, I can't call him 'Martha' anymore, and by not giving him a new name, I hope it's less difficult to give him up. A fellow at work was taken with my story about the chick liking to perch and ride on my arm.  He has a couple of chickens already, including one hen that is a real pet.  He said he has taken her to Lowe's and let her ride on the cart handle.  (that's why they make disinfectant wipes, people!)  He said the hen loved it, and  so did the folks in the store.   He is going to assess his room in the coop and let me know Monday.

I've been studying herbs this week.  I grow several kinds already - mostly culinary - but I wanted to see what uses some of the others have.  I have learned how to make alcohol tinctures, oil infusions, salves and lip balms.  Mountain Rose Herbs sells lots of things of course, including things that won't grow here, but they also have articles and how-to video links.   Its looks really easy, so I'm going to try making some things with my homegrown herbs. 

So it's off to do some errands - feed store for chicken and rabbit feed, some groceries, and the liquor store for 100 proof vodka....for herbal tinctures, silly!  

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  1. No dogwood blossoms at my house yet. Another week or two at least.