Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Uh - Oh............

Remember this cute little face?

Well, wishing didn't make it so, and this morning it became clear this little girl is a boy!!    I had heard a weird noise a few days ago, but this morning he must have really found his voice, and started bellowing R-R-r-r-Rrrrrrr!  Rooster it is!!  

I'm really sad, because this little one had such a cute personality.   I've already e-mailed the breeder, who said she just sold all the rest of her splash chicks, but if I want to wait a few weeks, I can bring him back and trade for a mottled, (black with white spots) since she will have a hatch ready to go then.   Of course she has no need for another splash rooster, since she already has one, and suggested if I could re-home him here............. 

So, would anyone like a Cochin bantam rooster on their farm?


  1. LOL...been there, done that. Mine was an Ameracauna whose tail-feathers got longer and longer and comb got larger and larger until one day, it started crowing. Ooops.

  2. How close are you to Wellington, KY? My friend there might take him off your hands.