Thursday, April 7, 2011

Garden Planning

I've never really planned my garden before.   I just stuck veggies and herbs in the flower bed where I could find a spot.  As I 'walked the land' (snort) yesterday evening, to see what is coming up, it became obvious that what was once an English-style garden, still has too many large floral plants in it.   I thought through what could stay, and what needs to go.  

The red rose you see on the lerft has since died from the disease that is attacking florabundas
(see earlier post) 
Before you think my yard isn't all that small, consider that I am standing in the neighbor's yard to take this shot.   

The large rosebush has to stay.  Besides being spectacuIar in May, it's too big to move.  It also provides some valuable filtered shade in the afternoon to one area of the garden.   The dutch Iris will all come out, and what I can't find a place for will be transplanted to some of the 'common' areas here in the neighborhood.  The two peonies will stay.  They too are wonderful in Spring, and die back enough in the heat of summer that they aren't a factor. The last of my Lamb's Ear may have to go, because it spreads so much.   I planted it in one spot in the garden and it has come up everywhere but there since.  The daylilies will be thinned and dug up,  leaving one clump.  I can't completely eliminate "The Gentle Shepherd," - the name of the variety - can I?  After that some clean-up, hoiking out a few shoots I can no longer identify, and I should have room to grow all the veggies I can maintain, while still keeping the 'potager' feel.

The new baby chickies have been fun.  At this stage, their tiny cheeps and trills sound like songbirds.  Martha is a real character, although she's the smaller of ther two. Dolley's quieter, and very food motivated.  They are both eating like piglets - more than Abigail!  Abigail - stepping up like a pro now - is enjoying her nightly time perched by the window.   The babies like to perch on my arm too, but both at the same time. They are very attached to one another, and each tries to get under the other's wing when they are unsure about something.  The cats are over their curiosity, and ignore them.  The bunnies - Luna gave me a look like, 'you've got to be kidding,' the evening I brought them in, that was so funny I laughed out loud.  If she had an eyebrow, I promise you it was raised.    

I'm getting some grief at work (some of it not kidding) about my lifestyle, and being a 'hoarder,' but as long as I know what my motives are and I'm happy, I don't care what others think.


  1. Hey, you have mostly USEFUL pets and mostly USEFUL plants! I think you're a very PRACTICAL woman!

  2. Why is it that people who garden and have animals are always looked down upon? It's hard to find friends with similar interests. All anyone cares about is sports.