Saturday, July 30, 2011

Babies Are Here!!!

I wasn't expecting anything until Sunday, but Friday night as I was feeding the chickens, I thought I heard peeping.  I took an egg from under Abigail and it was pipped!  Two of them were.   I put them back and left her alone, and this morning there are two sweet, yellow Buff Orpington babies!!


Abigail has never been "Henzilla" during this whole process, and although she isn't happy about me taking the babies from under her and 'chuck-chucks' with concern when I do, I was able to pick each one up and get a good look at them.  All their parts are there, in the right order and number, and these two seem robust and healthy. 

I guess I was right all along, when I thought a couple of the eggs were more advanced.  So far she is still  sitting tight on the other two eggs, and much prefers the babies to be under her too.  I have no idea if Abigail has ever been a mom before, but she seems to be doing a good job.

Now I'm off to the Lexington Farmer's Market to meet the folks from  Good Shepherd Sheep Dairy, and taste me some sheep's milk cheese!   

The stork has arrived Wren Cottage.

And now there are three!  By the time I got back from the Farmer's Market, the third Orpington chick had hatched out.   Now to wait and see if the Cochin makes it.  They are so cute!  A couple of them are being adventurous already, coming out from under Mom and checking out their digs.  Abigail does not like that!  She wants them safe and sound under her.

"Hide me under the shadow of your wings."   -   Psalm 17:8 


  1. You amaze me with your little urban farm! Hope you get lots of hens!!