Saturday, July 9, 2011

One potato, two potato........

My eggs are due to arrive today by Priority Mail, but to say I have had trouble with the Post Office and my mail is an understatement.  I know from the tracking number that they did arrive in town, and are supposed to be delivered today......  So while I wait for the mailman, I thought I would write a post to keep my mind off it.

Finally!!  I got some potatoes from my potatoes-in-a-pot!

They are on a saucer, so they aren't as big as they appear - new potatoes, after all

Even though I've got potatoes - how many remains to be seen - I don't know if I will keep on growing them.  They do take up a lot of room, and with no root cellar, if I had a bumper crop, storage would be a problem.   I have all winter to decide. 

A few of the vines were yellowing, so I dug and pulled them out - and found a few potatoes there!  I cooked them up and had them for supper!!  Yum, they were good.  My favorite way to eat potatoes since childhood is boiled, mashed flat on a plate with a fork, with butter, pepper and salt.

Marisa over at Backyard Farming  did a really interesting post on salt yesterday.  It seems all salt is not equal.  One commenter posted a link to an even more interesting article  

His comments that during processing, salt is rendered into a completely different chemical makes sense to me (someone who did not take chemistry in school).  I have high blood pressure, my mother had high blood pressure and her mother had high blood pressure.  I'm supposed to limit my salt intake.....but I love salty things.  I'm not saying if I start using the salt they recommend I can go off my meds, but I will probably try it.   Perhaps, as they theorize, the different chemical makeup will not aggravate my HBP.  Getting all those trace minerals - from a natural source - has to be good.

later....They're here!  The eggs arrived safe and sound, and are resting in a warm place for a few hours (per breeder recommendation) and will go under Abigail this evening.   Let the countdown begin!!  

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