Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gulp! I've gone and done it

I found a breeder on Backyard Chickens who is going to send me some hatching eggs to put under Abigail.  There is a reason for the saying "don't count your chickens before they hatch."  So much could go wrong.  I could end up with nothing, or any chicks that hatch could all. be. males.   Eeeeek! 

The negative taken care of, this is what I may have to look forward to:

Aren't they adorable!!!!  These are chicks from the breeder who is sending me eggs.  She is sending a couple of buffs, and one or two black.......bantam Orpingtons.  

According to  Henderson's Handy Dandy Chicken Chart , Orpingtons  are like Brahmas and Cochins - calm, docile, tolerant of cooping and very broody.  This breeder has both large fowl and bantam Orps and said none of her girls have ever even thought of being broody.  I believe it.   I know enough about animals to know that different lines can have different traits. She hatches all of her eggs in an incubator.  No broodiness sure appealed to me for my 3rd (and 4th?) chicken, and they and their eggs are about the same size as the bantam Cochins. 

Bantam Orps are not that common, and I can't find any around here, so it's also kind of exciting to bring the breed/variety into this area.  If - Lord willing - I have a 100% hatch, I will have to find homes for some of the chicks, since she is sending me more eggs than I can keep.   I can only hope other people find them as desireable as I do.

She also has bantam Cochins that she is using for several color projects.  She is including one of those eggs too.  She will know what it is, but unless she tells me, that one will be a surprise. 

This is a first for me.  I've never had children, not even a cat that had kittens, a dog with puppies, I can't even decide to breed my rabbits, but now I'm going to have chicks - or rather Abigail will.  I've already got the feeder and waterer that I bought for my Cochins and never used.  I feel like I should be out buying diapers and knitting booties.  I will probably be thoroughly obnoxious for the next few weeks, but bear with me, and "think pink!!"    

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