Monday, October 31, 2011

2nd Annual Hug a Sheep Day

Last Saturday, Sara at Equinox Farm opened her home to one and all for the 2nd Annual Hug a Sheep Day.   All of us who love sheep, love farms, love fiber and spinning/weaving/knitting/felting were in heaven!   

A few sheep were chosen to allow visitors some up-close-and-personal time by the barn.   

Marcel and Graham meeting some little visitors 

 Some of the Adventure Chickens, not too interested in making friends, until......they discovered they like cookies too!


(Keebler) "Sheesh! You'd think they would understand by now that I am not a sheep, and should not be in this pen with these .......animals." 

Lila Lamby - last Spring's bottle lamb, still little, but growing up too fast!!   By the smile, she seems to enjoy the attention.  

Shermy - everyone's best long as you have cookies!
(really he's still friendly, even if you don't have cookies - just substitute cheek scratches)   

The unsinkable Renny - the object of everyone's admiration.   A year ago Sara rescued her - more than half dead from owner neglect/abuse and a severe predator attack.   That she survived leaves everyone shaking their heads in amazement, but she doesn't even have scars or a limp.  Unbelievable.  Apart from all that, she is a really beautiful sheep, with a thick, healthy fleece and a lovely head.   She seems to be at least partly Shetland - she has a short, little undocked tail, and her earset looks Shetland-ish.  Most of all, she has a forever home, where she is loved, well cared for, and surrounded by friends.

The rest of the flock was outstanding in their field. (couldn't resist) 

A lot of the sheep in Sara's mixed flock are Jacobs.  I only know a couple of them by name.  Boudreaux (the big 'brown' sheep in the center above) surprised me.  He was eager to get his share of treats last year, but this year he looked me over, then thought better of it ......"'Nah, it's a grass kinda day."   

Enjoying the lush grass - sprung up from rains earlier in the week.   

 We got a fascinating display of good-dog Hank taking care of his flock.  Mid-way through the event, we heard rifle shots.  Pretty close actually.  Hunters on the farm next door.  Hank looked laid-back, but really was on high alert, taking his responsibility seriously.   Every time the flock wandered across the dry creek, he would cross over and bring them back - closer to the barn, where they would be safer. 

Sara told me he does not like the horses, but one time they got looped into the crowd.  Darn!   

Over and over, Hank was not having anyone running willy-nilly over the fields....not with guns going off! 

1....2.....3....4......Yep! All there.  I suppose that horse can stay, so long as he doesn't mess with my sheep!

What a wonderful day!  Any day spent in the country, with animals - especially sheep - is my idea of a great day!   

Thank you Sara!!  Thank you friends at Equinox Farm!  


  1. I was THIS close to going. I wish I could have been there. I LOVE her sheep! Oh, and Sara too. lol

  2. That's a fun party for sure. I have a ton of good photos of you and the sheep and some with those crazy chickens too :-).