Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weird chicken behavior - updated

A couple of days ago, I looked over at Dolley in her coop/cage.  She (I'm insisting she is a she) was carefully searching through her pine-shaving litter until she found a piece she liked, then she would pick it up, turn her head around and..........carefully place it on her back.  (:-/ ???)   She did it over and over - probably 40 times while I watched her.   Since she's shaped like a bowling ball, her pile would slide off about every third piece of shaving, but she kept at it .......until she caught me watching her.  Then she gave me an indignant look, and  walked away.

What kinds of weird stuff do your animals do?

She IS a girl!!  Dolley laid her first egg today.  No photo, because it looks eggs-actly like Abigail's in size and color.   What a good girl!   WHEW!         


  1. Well, nothing as weird as that! ;-)

  2. LOL, um, gee that really is strange?!

  3. Congratulations on your girl, even if she is weird! Those boys do present some problems. I have 3 roosters right now (I know!) and two of them need to go. Unfortunately, I can't quite do the chicken-in-a-pot thing. Anyway, they'd be tough as shoe leather!

  4. LOLOL! Chickens are a hoot, there's no doubt about it. I can't say mine have ever done anything to top that!