Monday, October 31, 2011

It can't happen here......

......And it didn't.  This time.

But it could.  3 million people without power in the Northeast - and the power won't be back on for days.   How many were prepared?

This is the time of year that like the squirrels, we think about preparing for winter.   Some of us ''put by" garden produce - either grown in our own gardens, or purchased - locally, I hope.   We winterize our homes in various ways, but being prepared for the unusual weather event is a lifestyle, a year-round attitude.  How well we in this area know how hard - and how often - an ice storm can disrupt our normal lives.

This is today's blog post by a blog-friend who lives in upstate NY, and is coping very well with the results of the "freak" snow storm in the Northeast over the past few days:

As her blog indicates, she has also written a book, Just in Case, an excellent primer for starting and maintaining a lifestyle of 'Preparedness' in your home.

I'm just sayin'..........

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