Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival

It's all over but the shoutin'.   By all accounts the first annual KY Sheep and Fiber Festival was a rousing success.   There were lots of vendors (over 60, I'm told) and we had good weather on Saturday - low humidity and not too hot.  The rain held off until after we were done for the day.  Sunday weather was chilly and drizzly, but we still had good traffic until it got serious about raining later in the afternoon.  All the vendors I talked to were planning to return next year.  There were a few glitches, but what event does not have those?   

This is my booth for UARC (United Angora Rabbit Club), as we opened on Saturday.  Holly is in a carrier on the table at the left, and Truffle was in his carrier on the ground on the right. 


this shows the few samples of skeins and garments I brought for people to see and feel. 

Truffle was a real trooper.  He calmly let hundreds of people pet him, and was one bushed bunny by the end of the day.  Holly (the Diva) did surprisingly well too. She loved the fresh air and cool breeze, and tolerated petting most of the day, but by late afternoon she got fed up and turned her behind to everyone. (bunny body language for 'leave me alone').  Niko came with me the second day, and did equally well.  Holly came back again (Ivy just didn't have long enough coat to be a good representation) and was none too happy about it.  She pouted almost all day, so I had to be a little more cautious about letting people pet her.   

The kids were crazy over the bunnies - especially the little ones.  I guess because they were smaller than the other livestock there and non-threatening.  Some families came by time and again because the little one wanted to 'see bunny, Mommy.'  The adults were only slightly less fascinated.  I really had LOTS of people stop to talk about them.      

There were a surprising number of people who had pet rabbits at some point, and a few who have Angoras now - but because they don't show, they were flying under the radar.  I think I achieved what I set out to do with the booth - get people thinking about Angoras as a fiber source, especially those who live in town, who will never have a farm. 

(For more photos, the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber festival has a page on Facebook, and are encouraging anyone who attended to submit photos.  They already have some good ones)   

Personally, it was a fun time, and of course I spent too much money, but with all those goodies, who wouldn't!?!   I was exhausted by the end though.  Truffle and Niko got haircuts on Monday, Holly and Ivy will get their bib and belly wool cut tonight.  I bought some Romney and Cormo locks in natural white, some Romney cross dyed roving, and some dyed alpaca locks.  It will be fun to see what I can do with that, and maybe blend agora with some of it. 

It will be nice to turn my attention back to the garden now.   


  1. I didn't realize you were going as a VENDOR! Too cool! Sounds like a rousing success, too.

  2. Glad it was successful. The display looked good!