Monday, May 10, 2010

New Arrivals

This is Spang's Truffle - an almost 10 month old French Angora buck.   I drove to West Virginia this past Saturday to pick him up.  This is his "school picture," taken by his breeder after she had beautifully groomed and posed him. So far Truffle has been a sweet, very laid-back boy, and his coat is so dense I can't find his skin. He is my 4th French Angora, and the last for a while, unless I can get some folks interested in raising French Angoras themselves - then I could breed him.  I have now gone to three states (IN - OH - WV) to bring these buns into KY, and have some of the best bloodlines available for our foundation stock.  I am very grateful to Somerhill Farm, Spang's Angoras and Angora Eden for this opportunity.  BUT, even if I never breed them, and they stay precious pets providing me with luscious fiber, I'll be happy. 

The reason for going to WV was to meet up with the 'relay' person - a lady who was bringing him from the breeder, who lives in New England to hand him off to me.  She was there for a rabbit show.  Here is a picture of some of the Angora judging:  


The rabbit in the picture was astounding.  It had wool about 4 inches long!  It won it's breed class and also Best in Show in the UARC Angora Specialty show. 

There weren't just Angoras there - there were all sorts of breeds, so I browsed around to see what was there, and to learn more about rabbits.  There were a LOT of the two smallest breeds, Mini Rex, and Netherland Dwarf, being shown, and nearly everyone had some for sale.  Then I found this: 

She is a baby Mini-Rex, 6 weeks old.  She has short fur, and her color is called "Lilac" - a silvery or dove gray, which in some light has an almost taupe or light milk chocolate cast.   She is was the only MR I saw at the show of that color, either for sale or being shown.  There were 3 others in the same cage, and it was very hard to choose. They were all SO cute, and had pretty colors.  She seemed very comfortable being held, and even peed on me, so everyone agreed that was a 'sign,' and she was the one I brought home.  She will be called 'Luna' for her silvery-gray moonlight color.   Luna is so tiny she fits in my palms - probably a 1/2 pound or less - and will be 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 pounds at maturity.  She will live in one of my transport carriers for a while. 

So much for my big talk about 'no more pets' unless they produce something (like fiber for spinning) to earn their keep!   (In case anyone is counting, that is 9 - 4 cats and 5 rabbits)   Enough!     



  1. Yeah, yeah, that's what they all say. :-) You gotta stay out of the candy store, girl!

  2. You can never get enough animals. Luna is the perfect name...