Friday, May 21, 2010

Urban Chickens

No, I haven't 'fallen off the wagon' and brought home more critters. 

(the photo above is of a few of 'The Adventure Chickens,' at Equinox Farm.   I took the photo while I was attending an open house there last fall.  They aren't urban chickens at all, but decidedly rural!) 

Last night I attended a class given by the Fayette Co. Cooperative Extension Service on how to buy, care for and feed backyard chickens.  As an 'Urban Farmer,' I would love to have a few hens for eggs, but my townhome association would never stand for it.  I wanted to take the class anyway, just for the info.  It was terrific, and so well attended they had to move it to a larger room.  This urban farming thing is really catching on!  

The container/and tiny garden is doing well.  I finally got seeds going on everything but the eggplant.  I broke down and bought some plants.   I 'top-dressed' most everything with bunny 'pellets,'  a 'cold' manure you can put right on the plants without having to compost it first.  I had been throwing it on the garden all winter, and really saw a huge difference when the perennials came up this Spring.   I would like to see more growth on the chard, and think it would do better in the garden than in a container.  As spring things die back in the garden I will transplant some there, and see how they do. 


turnips - butterhead lettuce - radishes (already past prime) and mint - all loving the cool, wet weather 

Abraham Darby rose - just for pretty, with sugar snap peas peeking out from 

3 eggplant plants

I may put a little potting soil over the bunny poo.  It is a little off-putting to city folks! 

The lima beans 'exploded' their shoots out of the ground last weekend.   I was so busy I didn't get the green beans (bush) in, but they will be planted this weekend, along with a container of pattypan squash.  The potatoes (growing in a tall trash can) are high enough to get another layer of soil put on them.   Besides the tomato seedlings I had trouble with getting transplanted, and some more herbs - tarragon, dill, and flax, that's about it!  At some point I plan to make a list of everything edible that I am growing this year. 

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